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Reginald F. Campbell

Much Ado About Nothing

I graduated from Edinburgh University with a B.D. (Batchelor of Divinity) Ordinary degree in 1975. Thereafter, I went on to gain both a Diploma in Christian Education and a Secondary teaching qualification in Religious Education and History. I entered the Church of Scotland ministry in 1979 and served in two parishes, in the Borders at Newcastleton in a linked charge with the local Congregational Church and at Kildrum Parish Church in Cumbernauld. I was Moderator of the Presbytery of Jedburgh from 1988-89. Since then I have worked both as a Financial adviser and for several years as a Security Officer whilst doing further studies in Information Technology with the Open University. In December 2001 I successfully completed my OU studies gaining a general BSc.(Open) and a Diploma in Information Technology. I am now minister of Daviot and Dunlichity with Moy, Dalarossie and Tomatin in the Presbytery of Inverness and so too I am at present Presbytery Clerk of Inverness Presbytery. Further, I am also a distance learning tutor for the International Christian College in Glasgow. My interests are computing, reading, photography, gardening and attempting ski-ing!

I met my wife Rosemary when she was a student at Moray House College of Education. We have two sons Neil (25) and Iain (23). Neil graduated from St Andrews University where he was doing an MA(Hons) in Theological Studies. Neil and his fiancee Roxanne were married on the 18th July 2009. Neil moved to a new job as Centre Director for Highland and Islands Youth For Christ. But is now working as a Young Adult and Youth Development Worker at Dundee Craigiebank linked with Douglas and Mid Cragie Churches. Neil and Roxy became the proud parents of their first child Isabella Margaret Campbell on 23rd Nov. 2010. Iain having finished an Outdoor Pursuits course at Inverness College is now doing a distance learning game testers course. We also have a dog called Jake who is a cross between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Malteese Terrier.

OU Studies

Previous Courses and Future Plans

  • T102 Introduction to Technology I took this course to remind me how to study !
  • T223 Microprocessor-based Computers. They have the cheek to call this a half course!
  • T293 Communicating Technology I must be a masochist. I never was any good at English!! Now, I know for sure 'Iíve got far much worser'!
  • T305 Digital Communications The most demanding of all the courses both in course work to be done and the amount of material in the course to learn!

I would next like to do the Microsoft A+ course and exam. If I ever have the time!

Hopes and Dreams.

Now that I have successfully passed T305 and gained a Diploma In Information Technology and a BSC (Open). In 2003 I completed an attatchment at St James Church, Falkirk where I put my new knowledge to good use and developed their web site. In 2004 I set up this website for Daviot and Dunlichity l/w Moy, Dalarossie and Tomatin. In 2005 I set up a web site for the Presbytery of Inverness. I am chairman of the Inverness action group of the Scottish Bible Society. A new website, the production of which I was very much involved in, was launched in 2006 for Moy, Dalarossie and Tomatin, under the instigation of the Community Council its address is, do have a look at it! Also, a further similar website was launched for the Strathnairn Community Council at the beginning of 2007. In 2010 I became Moderator of the Presbytery of Inverness as well as in Nov. 2010 a grandfather! Then in Feb 2011 on my 60th birthday joined that great company of people who have a free bus pass! This last year I have become Convenor of Presbyteries Church and Community Committee.

The Final Frontier.

This Strathsnairnanddearn website was set up using EasyHtml 2.2 to do the coding, various graphics packages, text imported from wordprocessors, images produced using a scanner and a digital camera etc. It was put together during my weeks study leave at the Glenholm Centre in the borders. Thanks 'Neil' at Glenholm Centre for your help!


I take no responsibility for any increase in your faith as a result of the information contained in this web site! If it helps don't blame me. If it does not you have been warned! Logical Computing is a virtual computer company that exists only in my mind. We do not sell anything! Nor have we been paid to advertise any of the products mentioned!

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